My Story

My success was not given to me by any means. I had to overcome incredible hardship while learning life’s harshest lessons before achieving the success I have today. My struggles began at a very early age. My mother raised me single handedly after my father abandoned us. When I was 15, I turned to drugs to escape my problems. What started with weed consumption soon rose to the level of peddling. At 17, I started selling drugs and discovered I could be making lots of money.

However, my success was short lived, as I was eventually arrested for drug use and dealing at 19 years old. It was while I was in custody that I truly began thinking about my future and decided once and for all to turn my life around. The first step I took towards growth was by cutting out all of the negatives in my life. Anyone who was not supportive or conducive to my success, they were gone. Next, I started self grooming by reading richer books, listening to motivational podcasts and attending online courses that taught me valuable skills. I took it even further by hiring the right mentor who accelerated my success.

It was during this phase of evolution that I discovered the power of sales. Despite my background, when I first started my career in sales, I was a shy young man. It wasn’t until I switched my mindset and started viewing sales as a service that things became easier.

After dominating in sales, I left my job and in only six months, founded and sold my own marketing agency. At 20, I left Pennsylvania and moved to San Diego, California, into a luxurious Skyrise Penthouse. Today, I make at least $20k in income a month at only 21 years old. I had closed over $1 Million in sales for my company within the span of just 45 days. I strongly believe that to achieve anything in life and become independent one must master the art of sales.

For myself, Sales and Leadership changed everything. But the bottom line of my success story is that self grooming can be done under any circumstances. You have to be willing to learn, evolve, and be open minded if you want to succeed. I overcame my setbacks and decided to take my life into my own hands. Today, my troubled childhood and history with drugs are behind me. I lead a healthy, wealthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Proving that we are all one decision away from achieving everything we desire. I give credit to sales, personal development, and coaching for my success. I now teach others how to change their lives and achieve their goals through the power of sales. But I’m only willing to help those who refuse to play small.

Recognition & Awards

Dylan Caudullo from Pennsylvania is living proof that anything is achievable no matter the circumstances.

– Tech Olite

He is young, he is successful, but above all he is determined to live to his full potential and teach others how to do the same.

– The American Reporter

At only 21, Dylan has accomplished a lot. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania by a single mother. At 19, he was arrested for using and selling drugs. At 20, he built and sold his own marketing agency and moved to a luxurious penthouse in California. At 21, he is earning a consistent commission of at least 20,000 USD a month.

– Business Deccan

Only two years ago Dylan Caudullo was a completely different person. When he decided it was time to turn his life around, he had a rush of motivation that encouraged him to start his journey of growth, but in reality what kept him focused was discipline.

– London Daily Post

Dylan leads a healthy, wealthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Proving that we are all one decision away from achieving everything we desire.

– One World Herald

His inspirational transformation teaches us that we are all capable of achieving everything we want despite our mistakes, upbringing, environment or lack of opportunities.

– Big Time Daily

Following this formula, he was able to close one million dollars in sales in the past 45 days.

– Tricity Daily

Although this experience was a hard lesson, it did not discourage him from wanting to achieve his goals. In fact, this experience made him realize he needed to change his life, and it motivated him to completely transform his mentality.

– Seekers Time

Dylan has been able to completely transform his reality despite his background.

– California Herald

He never went to a college or university, yet is making more money than some college professors.

– America Daily Post